Please join us for this FREE event on October 16-17 (9 am – 5 pm)

Rain or Shine!

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How very appropriate! Pastor Horace Bushnell first proposed the creation of what became Bushnell Park in 1853. Here we are 168 years later, and on October 16-17, you can visit Bushnell Park in Hartford to hear testimonies to God’s goodness and deliverance from deep personal struggles!

Thank you for visiting our website today! We’re organizing a FREE, two-day celebration at the Performance Pavilion in Bushnell Park in downtown Hartford, Connecticut on October 16-17 from 9 am to 5 pm on both days. God willing, you’ll enjoy the refreshing fall weather, colorful foliage, panoramic urban skyline, and inspirational atmosphere!

Organized by a new Connecticut-based ministry, this first-ever “Truth Alive” gathering will feature a mix of recorded worship music by popular artists, live worship music by local praise bands, anointed Bible preaching and teaching, powerful prayer and the remarkable testimonies of local people who have been dramatically touched by God’s amazing love!

With all of the pain, distress and anxiety in our society and world today, we all need hope, love and healing that transforms! To learn more, please explore all of the pages and links on this website, then mark your calendar and join us!

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